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Fernando's Production

A full house production company. Fernando's Production started out as a nightclub in Reeds Spring, MO. The club was the brain child of Chris Albert. It was located in a small town because of the abundance of artists that gathered there over the years and it's access to the city of Branson, MO, which in 1992 was beginning to get national exposure. The club was run as a folk club with emphasis on the musician and his craft. After several years of success, the club lost it's backing and had to close. We continued to use the name for the production company to develop a record for a group that was spawned from the club called "Techs and the Roadies". Along with the help of some people at Whit Records in Dallas, TX, the album was finished and the group got a record deal with Prestige Records in England.

From the beginning of a song to the distribution of the song, we do it all. We provide marketing strategies, consulting on the music business and ways to produce a song. We can provide a publishing company, 40 Acres & Raquisha Publishing, or help you to procure one. With 25 years of experience, we can give the struggling artist a leg up or help those who might need someone to organize their talents. 

Fernando's Productions has finished publishing a program which helps in the distibution of music on the net without the use of a media player. Artists and distributors can now market their music without downloading through Media Wizard's Cryptic Audio™ software package providing easliy accessible CD quality music. Check us out at Hideaway Records webpage.


Techs and the Roadies
Folk Rock
Fernando's Production and Whit Records

Dr. Sausage
I Love Tits
Fernando's Production and Hideaway Records


Kristi Meridith
Fernando's Production and Hideaway Records


Granny's Bathwater
Fernando's Production and Hideaway Records


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