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A record label that releases albums or songs for the artists in the Southwest Missouri area. Songs and albums will be listened to and promoted from their website through Cryptic Audio™ or ordered through a distribution network. Distribution network which includes Barnes & Noble, Borders and Books, Springfield CD Society and local businesses in the Southwest Missouri area.

CDs can be obtained by sending check or money order to Hideaway Records, 2747 B. E. McDaniel, Springfield, MO 65802.

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Developed by Paul Robertson for Fernando's Productions. This inclusive program allows music to be played without a media player, no streaming, no file. Just click on the picture and wait for Cryptic™ to come and play CD quality music.
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Cryptic Audio™
Copyright 2003
Published by Fernando's Productions

IFPI Authorized Copy Control
Granny's Bathwater
Produced by Fernando's Productions
Digitally Mastered by Nottingham Studios, Springfield, MO

Digitally reworked tapes from an archive of music recorded both live and in the studio in the early seventies. Recorded in Memphis at Ardent Studios and Mid American in Springfield. Live in New Orleans, Rockaway Beach, MO and Columbia, MO. This group jammed with the best and played all over the US backing Martha Reeves. An underground icon.
Kristi Meridith
Produced by Gary Smith and Chris Albert
Recorded at Nottingham Studios, Springfield, MO

Kristi has put together five classic tunes for a sound of classic swing jazz. Hailing from Sikeston, MO and discovered in Springfield, MO, we brought together musicians from the surrounding area to record her great voice and wonderful singing style. Compared to Billie Holiday, she continues her love of singing in the Chicago area.
Techs and the Roadies Techs and the Roadies
Produced by Michael Brewer
Recorded at Digitrax Studios, Branson, MO

A folk group which transformed songs into their own style and sound using vocals, strings and flute. They give a different twist to classic"cover" songs. Distributed in UK through Prestige Records.
Dr. Sausage
Produced by Tyrone Tyrone'
Recorded at Digitrax Studios, Branson, MO

A three song CD issued both for promotional and film works. A song written to honor the fruit of life for almost every man.
American Music 2005
Produced by Chris Albert and Gary Smith
Recorded at Nottingham Studios, Springfield, MO

Compilation of original songs, done by various artists in the USA. First album released fully encryted using Cryptic Audio. First CD in the US using the IFPI's Copy Control logo.
*Coming Soon*
"40 Acres" - Papa Jon and the Farmers
Produced by The Wolf
Recorded at Nottingham Studios, Springfield, MO

Music all about life's "high" points, includes episode 1 of a new PC game series "Pothead's Adventures".

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